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Campaign Completed

15.000 Cigarette!


e completed a new butts collecting campaign in natural environments of Galicia; beaches, forests and mountains, as well as in some urban spaces close to such environments.

Through our own recycling Hub and in collaboration with Terracycle, all butts collected during the campaign will be efficiently recycled and completely regenerated. It is from this waste that new materials and products will be manufactured, preventing them from ending up polluting our rivers, seas, oceans, forests and mountains.

Discover our recycling progress...

That's how we done it...

From October First 2020, every day we´ve toured different natural environments; beaches, forests and mountains of Galicia, as well as some urban spaces close to these environments. The collected butts have been deposited in recycled plastic bottles of 1.5 liters, which have capacity for 800 butts (approximately).

In order to give greater transparency to the work we do, every week we´ve documented and published the progress of the #StopColillas campaign on our Instagram account: IG@thespirit23, as well as through our website Spirit23.es… It´s due to the current situation of COVID19, that weve been obliged to end this campaign because of the different mobility restrictions that are still maintained in Galicia!

That´s how we done it...

Campaign Completed!