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Plastic recovery from the Galician Atlantic...

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We are part of the change, so we´re here to recover plastic from the Galician Atlantic...



We do it collaborating with diving & surfing schools, entities and environmental organizations. The goal is very clear, to work together to clean our oceans, coasts and beaches, recovering plastic and fishing nets. The recoverable material will be treated and recycled completely through our own recycling Hub.

From this material, we manufacture new raw materials, which allows us to design and produce handcrafted different products and accessories completely recycled. Each product sold is equivalent to 1KG less garbage in the environment. The profits obtained for each sale allow us to self-finance the development of this project.

Because every year, nearly eight million tons of plastic enter the world’s oceans, it´s estimated that today it´s nearly 150 million tons of waste that are completely destroying marine life, directly threatening human health.

Ghost nets also make an important contributor to the crisis of plastic pollution in the oceans. Ghost nets are estimated to account for at least 46% of the Great Pacific Garbage Stain. These abandoned nets never disappear, they simply become microplastic, seriously jeopardizing the balance of the marine ecosystem.


With diving  and surfing schools, different entities and environmental organisations. The goal is clear, working together to recover plastic of the Galician Atlantic.



We recycle and create new products and accessories, handmade, 100% recycled. So we give a second life to all the waste recovered from the marine ecosystem.


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Today more than ever the planet needs active and positive people like you, people willing to be part of the change we are working for every day, so your collaboration is essential to drive each of the initiatives we promote for the environment. It will be with your support that we can continue to fight to preserve the balance of the marine ecosystem.

It is important to mention that Spirit23 & Spirit Ocean develops its activities and objectives in a self-sustaining, full-time way and thanks to the benefits obtained by the sale of the different products designed and created through our on recycling hub.Therefore, there are several ways to contribute to our cause. We couldn’t do this without you!


Buy some of our products, handmade and 100% recycled. Each sale is equivalent to 1KG less garbage in the environment.



Bring what’s in your hand to we be able to continue our fight. Believe us, from one euro monthly can make a big difference!


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