¿Who we are?


To recycle efficiently and sustainably the plastic we recover from natural environments and urban spaces...




Passionately orient our steps towards a sustainable future through activism, efficient recycling and responsible consumption. That is why we work daily in favor of the protection and conservation of the ecosystem, with the objective of recycling the plastic that we collect from the environment.

This process is done in our own recycling Hub, where we separate, classify and treat all the collected material. From this waste, we manufacture new raw materials, which allows us to design and create handcrafted new products and accessories, handmade, 100% recycled, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

At Spirit23 we´re aware that humanity is facing the greatest environmental crisis of our age. The challenge we’ve ahead to reverse this delicate situation it’s huge, so we´ve to work more together than ever before.

Continuing to pretend that someone else will come to solve what we ourselves have provoked would be like jumping into the void without a net or parachute… We propose to become aware of the responsibility that corresponds to us as individuals, because the most efficient tool we´ve to completely eradicate this deterioration, it´s you, its me, we are all! Let’s protect and deliver the planet to the next generation in the best possible conditions!

Responsibility and social commitment as world’s citizens. Selfless dedication to protection and conservation of the environment. Austerity and coherence with the philosophy of life we promote.

Respect for all the life forms that exist on this planet. Solidarity and awareness towards the protection of natural resources, regardless of the hemisphere in which they are located. Empathy for nature, understanding that everything that affects it affects us all. Sustainable development based on the concept of Circular Economy.


Plastic from our coats, beaches, forests and mountains, as well as from different urban spaces.


Efficiantly and sustainably all rigid plastic collected from the environment.


And creating new products and accessories, handmade, 100% recycled and recyclable.


Environment, Awareness and Activism are the three fundamental pillars that support this exciting eco-project called Spirit23, which has allowed us to leave behind, a positive footprint in seven countries on three different continents: Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Mexico, France, Portugal and Spain... so far!

We are dedicated to...




Let us explain...


Protection and conservation of the terrestrial and marine ecosystem. Cleanup of natural environments; coasts & beaches, forests & mountains. Plastic recovery from the Galician Atlantic, collaborating with diving & surfing schools, entities and organizations.

Subsequently, we carry out a deep and efficient recycling work through our own recycling hub. We treat, process and manufacture new raw material from recoverable plastic to design and create handmade new products and accessories, 100% recycled, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.


We carry out different awareness campaigns in the field of collecting, recycling, reforestation and sustainable tourism, aimed at fostering in the kids, an awareness of love and respect for the planet. We actively promote different online and offline broadcast campaigns.


We actively collaborate, both nationally and internationally, with all those people, projects and associations with whom we empathize and with whom we have a common social objective. We carry out different sociocultural activities with the aim of promoting a better relationship between human beings and the environment.

Our story:


e´re Lara Moldes and Christian Monroy, founders of Spirit23 and responsible travelers, with a deep commitment to the planet; the commitment to be citizens of the present moment, fully responsible and respectful of the environment, human beings who leave behind their passage through this world, a positive foot print that can lead the steps to be taken for the next generations… We´re travelers who have had the opportunity to discover some of the most incredible and authentic places on this wonderful planet, corners that have allowed us to dream of a much more sustainable and healthy world for all of us!

During these trips, we´ve lived experiences that have enriched our daily existence and allowed us to approach the humane and deeper side of people, people who in their understanding and living life, are dedicating their time and energy to improving the world in which we live every day, whether individually or collectively.

Each one of these experiences...

They´re leassons that have led us to become increasingly aware of the present moment, above all, we have realized how wonderful and happy the human species can become with so little... and that's good news for the planet!

Everything else doesn't matter...


Dedicate our energy passionately to fostering that awareness that leads us to evolve into a sustainable future through activism, recycling and responsible consumption.

Join Us!

¿Do you want to contribute with our cause?

Today more than ever the planet needs active and positive people like you, people willing to be part of the change we are working for every day, so your collaboration is essential to drive each of the initiatives we promote for the environment.

It is important to mention that Spirit23 develops its activities and objectives in a self-sustaining, full-time way and thanks to the benefits obtained by the sale of the different products designed and created in our own recycling hub. Therefore, there are several ways to contribute to our cause. We couldn’t do this without you!


Buy some of our products, handmade and 100% recycled. Each sale is equivalent to 1KG less garbage in the environment.



Bring what’s in your hand to we be able to continue our fight. Believe us, from one euro monthly can make a big difference!


Social Media

If social media is your skill, support us with the dissemination of our initiatives through your channels. Let the world know and act!


The health of planet is in our hands… And next to you, we´ve accepted the challenge!¨