Recycling on board...


REWAVE, brand powered by Spirit23, dedicated to the design and creation of products and accessories for water sports, made with 100% recycled plastic

Each of these keels has been made from plastic recovered from our coasts, beaches, different natural environments and urban spaces. They are handmade, in a sustainable, self-sustaining and completely environmentally friendly way.


  • Surfboard Fin FCS: Center.
  • Anchor type: FCS fixation.
  • Material: 100% recycled plastic.
  • Keel base: 120mm.
  • Keel height: 120mm.
  • Key alen: No.
  • Design: Every color is unique and unrepeatable.


  • 1 Keel = 12 recycled bottles.
  • Responsibility: With each sale we reforest the forests of South America, collaborating with REFORESTUM. This is how we significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

Golden Sunset
Surfboard Fin FCS
Blue Ocean
Surfboard Fin FCS
Surfboard Fin FCS

Green Rider
Surfboard Fin FCS
Violet Pearl
Surfboard Fin FCS
Chilli Peper
Surfboard Fin FCS