We turn waste into resources...

Recycling Hub...


n Spirit23 we´ve our own recycling hub, where all the plastic collected during the different cleaning campaigns in natural environments; coasts, beaches, forests and mountains, as well as plastic obtained from the Green Recycle recycling program, is completely recycled. Its from this waste that we manufacture new raw materials, which allows us to design and produce new products and accessories 100% recycled, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

In this way, we prevent these wastes from ending up in landfills and incinerators, which cause serious new environmental and health problems, while discouraging the minimization of waste generation, being totally incompatible with recovery, recycling and composting programmes.

How it works?


We recover plastic from the Galician Atlantic, as well as from natural environments. Both locally and globally.


We classify and separate the collected material, efficiently and organizedly. Through our own recycling Hub.


We clean the plastic to remove any impurity and dirt. This helps us to ensures higher quality.


We sorting the recoverable plastic by categories, we divide it into: HDPE, LPDE, PP, P5. Also by colours and tones.


We carefully treatment the plastic to obtain the new raw material that allows us to create our products by hand.


We design different models, each of them is unique and unrepeatable, designed from the recovered material.


We create each product in a handcrafted, sustainable and environmentally friendly way. We do it with love.


The final product is packaged with the same affection with which we perform each step. You get a peace of us!


We send anywhere the product you've chosen. This process begins in the ocean and ends in your hands...

¿What plastic do we recycle?

For example:

  • Plugs and canisters.
  • Containers of detergents and softeners.
  • Cleaning and personal hygiene products.
  • Among others.

Six reasons to buy at Spirit23…


With each purchase you help the planet regain the balance of our environment.


Each product sold is equivalent to 1KG less garbage in the environment.


You´ll be part of a circular economy, supporting sustainable consumption.


You´ll get a handmade product, made with love, unique and 100% recyclable.


Recycle your product, if you send it to us, you´ll get a discount on your next purchase.

You´ll help us finance the development of this project to further clean up our coasts and oceans .

Have you made up your mind?

Remember that every time you buy something you are expressing your opinion about how you want things to be in the world... In Spirit23 we create sustainable, so that you consume responsibly!

¨Reuse the past, recycle the present, save the future!¨