Plastic from our coasts, beaches, forests and
mountains. We collaborate with surf
schools, diving school, different entities
and environmental organisations.



Efficiently and sustainably all the rigid
plastic collected from the environment.
It’s from this waste that we manufacture
new useful raw material.

Recycling Hub


And creating by hand, new products and
accessories 100% recycled. This is how we
eliminate the waste concept, manufacturing
sustainable for you consume responsibly.


Our mission is:

Reduce plastic

To minimize the profound impact that their massive presence has on the environment.

Preserving the coast

To recover our marine ecosystem balance, as well as the entire environment that surrounds it.

Responsible consumption

To raise awareness about new sustainable consumption habits that improve our life quality.

Do you believe in us?

Remember that it will be with your support, that we can continue to fight to preserve the balance of our ecosystem!